SQUAD PRACTICES: Starting in August, every squad will stay after until 4:00 every Tuesday and Thursday for Pep Rally practice.


UIL/COMPETITION PRACTICE: Beginning in August, we will stay until 5:30 every Monday. After pep rally season the squad will practice until 4:30 every Tuesday and Thursday. There will be additional practices set up on weekends as needed.


CHEER SCHEDULE: Varsity squad cheers at all football games, district home volleyball and basketball games. JV and freshman cheer at all home football games, home district volleyball and basketball games, and covers Varsity Friday volleyball games. This is LISD policy. See constitution.


TUMBLING: It is highly encouraged all cheerleaders participate in outside tumbling classes. Tumbling is a large part of our choreographed pep rallies and competition routines.


GAME DAY: Cheerleaders are required to wear the scheduled uniform on their game days with leggings at school.


SPIRIT DAYS: Every Friday during football season there will be a spirit day. You are REQUIRED to dress up for each spirit day. This is NOT an option.


Cheerleaders will need to bring their scheduled uniform/outfit to change into for a pep rally or game.


PEP RALLIES: Several pep rallies are held during football season. Pep rallies are held in the arena on Fridays. Only Varsity parents are allowed to attend at this time. 


FOOTBALL GAMES: All squads will need to report to their game 30 minutes in advance to properly warm up all skills for the game. The Varsity squad will have team dinners at various cheerleaders’ houses for the 5 home games. The Team moms will organize the dinners with other senior moms. For away games, Varsity may leave to get food IF time permits. Varsity will travel to and from the game together as a team on the bus. 


WATER/SNACK SCHEDULE: Freshmen and JV Team Moms will organize for each game to be covered with water and snacks if they see fit but is not mandatory. Varsity Team moms will organize for each game to be covered with water and snacks. Team Moms will handle the schedule of volunteers for this.


VOLLEYBALL/BASKETBALL: All squads will need to report to their game 15 minutes in advance to properly warm up all skills for the game.


FRIDAY NIGHT VOLLEYBALL GAMES: When there is a Varsity football game at the same time as a Friday night volleyball game, the other two squads will cheer at those Volleyball games. Freshmen will cheer for JV and JV will cheer for Varsity. If we have a home football game on the same night as a home volleyball game, after you are done cheering you are allowed to enter the football stadium for FREE in uniform. Once you enter the stadium to watch the remainder of the game, you MUST change out of your uniform into street clothes. Just make sure that you do this after you enter so that you will be allowed in free!


VARSITY PLAYOFF GAMES: All squads travel by bus to and from the game. Parents provide money for meals/snacks for their own cheerleader. Playoff games are mandatory and put tentatively on the calendar.


HOMECOMING: All squads will have after school practice for Homecoming Pep Rally. Each squad will be responsible for their part in the float decoration. Float decorating will happen outside of cheer time and will be run a Homecoming committee and Team moms based on the theme that year. That Wednesday all cheerleaders will stay after school and dinner will be brought in. They will change into their parade attire and get ready for the parade and community pep rally. This is mandatory for all cheerleaders.


Each day during Homecoming week there will be spirit days. You are REQUIRED to dress up for each spirit day. This is NOT an option.


CHEER FUNDRAISERS: We will be doing 1-2 fundraisers this Fall/Winter. You may choose to do the buyout option of $150 if you do not wish to participate in these fundraisers. Freshman and JV are required to work 2 shifts in the concession stand at a Varsity home game. 

  • The first fundraiser will be Butter Braids. The price is based on the company. Every cheerleader is expected to sell 10 or more Butter Braids.

  • The second fundraiser will be determined based on Sponsorships. 

The fundraisers are subjected to change each year. The current Fundraising officer will present any changes and would be put to vote by the Booster Club members.


Other Cheer Fundraisers:

  • Big Blue Goes Pink shirt sales- Volunteers will be needed to sell shirts during lunches the week before Big Blue Goes Pink Pep Rally.

  • Grocery Rewards- A freshman mom will be the Chairperson for the Grocery rewards. Their job is to make sure this is completed. Each freshman is responsible for signing up 5 people for this program.

  • Spirit Nights- Once a month we will have a spirit night at a restaurant or other place. A percentage of the sale proceeds will go back to the program. We encourage parents, families, friends to join. Team dinners/outings will be scheduled on these nights.
  • You've Been Pommed- There will be a Lead for this fundraiser and will coordinate the pomming calendar and cheerleaders that will pom houses/businesses.